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From your frequently asked questions we choose the most frequented ones and the Prague car rental publishes them on our website. In case of further questions or uncertainties, see also the information about renting a car or contact us.

What’s the fuel consumption of a 2.3 JTD engine?

  • Depending on the driving style, fuel consumption is around 8 – 11 litres of diesel per 100 Km.

Do vans have a highway pass and insurance abroad?

  • Yes, the insurance is valid all over Europe.

Do vehicles have season tires?

  • Yes, all vehicles recieve winter tires on November 1st.

Is it possible to drive the Fiat Ducato 20mwith a class B driving licence?

  • Yes, the gross weight of the vehicle is no more than 3.500 Kg.

Do vehicles have towing equipment?

  • Yes, all of our vans are equipped with towing equipment. If they are not fixed to the car, it is legally necessary to have them removed. In this case, however, we are happy to install the towbar.

What documents do I need to rent a vehicle?

  • A passport or identity card and driving license are required when picking up the vehicle.

Do you require a deposit?

  •   Yes. The deposit is in the amount of 5-20 ths. CZK (400-800€). Of course, it is refundable as soon as the vehicle is returned. In case of renting a vehicle with a driver, it is not necessary to deposit this deposit.

Is there an additional mileage fee besides the rental fee?

  •    Every day, the value of the rental is 150 km free. For each additional kilometer above the limit for the lease period, the costs of Skoda, Vans, Audi, VW are charged 2.50,-CZK (0,10 €); Lexus, BMW 3.50,-CZK (0,14 €).

Are you paid for traveling abroad?

  •  No, no extra charges for traveling outside the Czech Republic are payable.