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moving van car rental Prague

Based on our experience, we know that many people are afraid or do not dare to drive larger vehicles such as our vans and commercial vehicles. In this case, the car rental Prague moving will gladly arrange for you to rent a car and a professional driver who has many years of experience in delivery management and therefore you do not have to be afraid to go with it in heavy Prague traffic or on longer routes.

Many people rent commercial vehicles for moving. To make your worries as easy as possible, we can arrange one or two experienced movers. This saves not only a lot of power, but also a lot of time thanks to their experience. At the same time, the movers are also drivers in one person, ie they can easily drive the van if you are interested.

The driver or mover of the van is paid on an hourly basis.

In the case of rental van with a driver does not need to pay a refundable deposit!

Driver / mover
Driver 500 CZK / h (20 €)
Mover 800 CZK / h (24 €)
Two movers 1600 CZK / h (47 €)


Car rental Prague moving
Van with mover / driver 1600 CZK / h* (43 €)
Van with two movers 2400 CZK / h* (71 €)
*the hourly rate to be added phm 3,60 CZK (0,14 €)  per 1 kilometer.

To arrange the rental of a driver or moving company, please contact us and ask for further information that interests you.


* Prices are without 21% VAT