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Hourly rental of vehicles

Car hourly rental Prague

We understand that it is not always necessary to rent a van for the whole day. E.g. in the event of simply relocating or moving several things in Prague or the surrounding area, it is well enough for several hours. Therefore, we also offer short-term rental of vans and commercial vehicles, which is paid on an hourly basis.

As this short-term car hourly rental Prague is most often used for moving, we also offer the services of professional movers to rent your vehicle, who will move things as you please. This saves not only your strength but also your time thanks to their experience. Our movers are also drivers who will arrange the van for you.

Of course there is also the possibility to provide only the driver (will not move), if you do not feel yourself driving a van.

In the case of rental van with a driver it is not necessary to pay a refundable deposit!

Hourly prices
Rent of van 600 CZK (24 €) / h
Driver 500 CZK (20 €) / h
Mover 600 CZK (24 €) / h
Two movers 1200 CZK (47 €) / h

Please do not hesitate to contact us for individual agreement and specification of your requirements. We will be happy to meet you.



* Prices are without 21% VAT