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The Fiat Doblo cargo is tactful not only eco friendly but also considerate to your finances, with up to 50% saving on service costs due to CNG in comparison to different fuels. The rental in Prague offers an overview of CNG filling stations which are in every major Czech city and CNG stations are also common throughout Western Europe.

Red car pick-up Fiat Doblo cargo 4m3Již od
za den
  • 1 den

    900 ,-

  • 2 - 6 dnů

    800 ,-

  • 7 - 14 dnů

    700 ,-

  • 15 - 21 dnů

    600 ,-

  • 22 - 29 dnů

    500 ,-

  • 30 - 59 dnů

    400 ,-

  • 60 - 179 dnů

    380 ,-

  • 180 a více

    350 ,-

The price is in CZK, we also accepted EURO or equivalent in another currency for the best rate you can get, check the exchange rate.

Would you like to rent a small eco friendly van with low service costs and CNG fuel? The car rental Prague offers you the Fiat Dobló Cargo with a cargo space good for two Europalets and up to 3.8 m³. Rear double wing doors and side sliding doors allow access to the cargo space. The ideal size of the van along with a large glass area including that of the cargo space for good rear view are good news for the driver. Even a motorcycle can be attached to the floor and hauled in the van.

Cargo area size
Lenght 1 680 mm Width 1 470 mm Height 1 505 mm
Seats 2
Cargo volume size 3,8 m3
Cargo area size 2 m2
Payload including driver 625 kg
Coupling device capacity
Number of Europallets 2
Air condition YES